Healing Devotions (all devotions are printable)
Shawn’s Testimony of Healing

Both Shawn’s grandfather and father died of a heart related illnesses at young ages. Shawn had previously been an atheist, and in 2001, he was divinely healed by Jesus Christ. After having heart issues, Shawn was drawn to watch TBN, (the Christian Station) for some reason. Then a short while later one night while having severe heart complications of his own, his heart stopped beating. Facing a time of crisis, he was desperate, so he prayed. Instantly Shawn saw a bright flash of light and incredible warmth came over his entire body. Immediately, Shawn knew that the Lord had just come upon him and healed him of his heart complications. (click here to listen to his testimony song)

Shawn also had an improvised explosive device explode in front of him while he was conducting a foot patrol in Al Ramadi Iraq. Witnesses say it detonated approximately two to three yards away from him as he disappeared behind the cloud of debris from the attack. An immense amount of dirt from the explosion imploded into Shawn’s right eye, and he could barely see a few yards in front of him. After having most of the dirt removed from his eye, he had three optometrists state that he would never regain his 20-20 vision in that eye. Thank God, he can now see 20-20 again.