Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions for Combat Warriors
#1 Dealing with PTSD, by Cal Pierce. Cal is a pastor, author, and founder of more than 1,100 worldwide Healing Rooms. - Click Here

#2 The Real Deal,by Dave Roever. Dave was an elite Brown Water Black Beret in Vietnam, who had a phosphorous grenade explode in his hand and was burned beyond recognition. Hear his amazing story of faith and recovery.

#3 Men of Destiny, by Dave Roever. - Click Here
#4 American Heroes, by Raul Reis. Raul is a former Marine and Vietnam veteran who suffered from PTSD, tried to kill his wife, and now leads a flourishing worldwide ministry and is on over 350 radio stations worldwide. - Click Here
#5 The Darker Side of Faith - When Bad Things Happen to Good People, by Skip Heitzig. Skip can be heard on radio stations nationwide. He is a pastor and author, and leads one of America’s largest churches.
#6 A Ministry of Comfort - Comforting Others in Their Time of Need,by Skip Heitzig.
More in the Series Coming Soon...
About Healing Sessions for Combat Warriors

Then Moses said to the soldiers, "If you killed anyone or touched a dead body, you are unclean and have to stay outside the camp for seven days. On the third and seventh days, you must go through a ceremony to make yourselves and your captives clean.
Then wash your clothes and anything made from animal skin, goat's hair, or wood." Eleazar then explained, "If you need to purify something that won't burn, such as gold, silver, bronze, iron, tin, or lead, you must first place it in a hot fire. After you take it out, sprinkle it with the water that purifies. Everything else should only be sprinkled with the water. Do all of this, just as the LORD commanded Moses. Wash your clothes on the seventh day, and after that, you will be clean and may return to the camp.” (Num 31:19-24)

We here at Warriors’ Faith Ministries wanted to utilize Numbers 31:19-24, an Old Testament Scripture and apply it to today’s Warriors that have fought on the modern battlefield. Through these healing sessions we will aim to purify and heal any areas of our lives in order that we can figuratively come back into the camp and regain control of our lives back to full health and the condition it was before we left to serve our country in battle.

We have felt a great calling for this project, with the traumas of combat being well known; such as PTSD, combat related disabilities and illnesses, dealing with death and the suicide rates of the United States Armed Forces. You have completed your Mission for our country and now let our great team, minister to your heart as we put the focus on you, your family and attaining troop welfare. God Bless.

Shawn’s Testimony of Healing

Both Shawn’s grandfather and father died of a heart related illnesses at young ages. Shawn had previously been an atheist, and in 2001, he was divinely healed by Jesus Christ. After having heart issues, Shawn was drawn to watch TBN, (the Christian Station) for some reason. Then a short while later one night while having severe heart complications of his own, his heart stopped beating. Facing a time of crisis, he was desperate, so he prayed. Instantly Shawn saw a bright flash of light and incredible warmth came over his entire body. Immediately, Shawn knew that the Lord had just come upon him and healed him of his heart complications. (click here to listen to his testimony song)

Behold, I will bring it health and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth. (Jeremiah 33:6) For I am the Lord, who heals you. (Exodus 15:26)