War Stories

Parents and Warriors

If you have war stories or God stories from this war or any previous war we would like to hear about them.  War stories can include any wartime event that you would like to share.  We would especially like to hear any stories from war that you felt God was involved in, to include divine intervention, divine protection, incidents where you felt the presence of God, angelic intervention, or anything about your war experience that you might want to disclose.

Some stories submitted have a chance to be in Shawn’s free book Warriors Faith:  American Legacy.  If you are a Special Operations unit please let us know.  It will enhance your chances of being in the book.

Note:  If units are currently deployed or preparing to deploy please keep OPSEC or operational security in mind.  Please do not use full names, exact unit locations, troop movement dates, or unauthorized military intelligence information.


By submitting your story you authorize Warriors’ Faith Ministries to utilize your story in its entirety on our website, other publications, sermons, or other materials.  If your story is selected to be in Warriors Faith: American Legacy you will be contacted.  Most stories will be posted exactly as we receive it; however, if further clarification, questions, or concerns arise we may contact you with these items.  Stories maybe edited for grammar, OPSEC or other reasons.  We will not change or embellish your story away from its original meaning, and we will not significantly change your story without your approval.  All personal information will be kept private.